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Our Mission

Utah Valley Operafest is dedicated to nurturing the art of opera and classical singing, fostering talent, and enriching communities. Our mission is to discover, train, and empower the next generation of opera stars while delivering breathtaking opera performances to communities throughout Utah Valley and beyond.

Through our diverse programs, including two tuition-free training programs for singers and an orchestral artist program, we create inclusive opportunities for emerging talent to flourish. We are committed to accessibility, ensuring that financial constraints do not limit participation.

We strive to be a beacon of excellence, guided by the belief that the world of opera should be open to all. By providing world-class training, mentorship, and unforgettable performances, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for opera and ensure its enduring legacy in the hearts of our communities. Utah Valley Operafest is where voices are discovered, talent is honed, and the magic of opera comes to life.

Utah Valley Operafest is a registered, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization
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