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Orchestral artist  Program
July 1-31, 2024

Introducing the Utah Valley Operafest Orchestral Artist Program, a new opportunity for promising orchestral musicians to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of opera while performing throughout Utah Valley’s prominent cities and picturesque landscapes. 


Production Details

Throughout the course of a month, selected musicians will participate in 9-12 opera performances of Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette as well as an orchestral gala. Performances will take place across Utah Valley and surrounding areas. 

Our musicians will have a professional opera pit experience under the guidance of internationally acclaimed composer and conductor,

Maestro Nicolas Giusti. 


As we believe in nurturing exceptional talent, participants in the Orchestral Artist Program will be chosen through a rigorous audition process and will receive a full-tuition fellowship as well as a stipend of $1500 to support their artistic endeavors. 


Participants will receive daily instruction that goes beyond technical mastery, focusing on the development of essential collaborative skills. These skills are invaluable and not only elevate musicians' artistry but also enhance their marketability and open doors to diverse and rewarding career paths. 


Audition and Application Process
  • $25 application fee 

  • Resume/CV uploaded to the application form

  • Two contrasting solo pieces (piano accompaniment preferred where applicable)

Auditions should be submitted as a YouTube unlisted link on the application form

Apply Here
Applications Due by March 31, 2024
Applications Now Open for:

Personal Conduct

Utah Valley Operafest (UV Operafest) is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all participants, faculty, staff, and stakeholders. We take great pride in fostering a culture of professionalism and collaboration within our organization. To maintain these standards, we have established the following Personal Conduct Policy:


Respect and Dignity: UV Operafest expects all individuals associated with our program to treat each other with respect, courtesy, and dignity at all times. Discrimination, harassment, bullying, or any form of disrespectful behavior, whether verbal, physical, or written, will not be tolerated.

​Harassment-Free Environment: UV Operafest is dedicated to providing a harassment-free environment, free from any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected status. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome advances, offensive comments, slurs, jokes, or any form of intimidating or hostile conduct.

Confidentiality: Participants and staff are expected to maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive information shared within the program, respecting the privacy of fellow participants, faculty, and staff. This includes not disclosing personal information, medical histories, or any other private matters without explicit consent.

Compliance with Policies and Instructions: All individuals associated with UV Operafest are required to comply with program policies, rules, and instructions provided by faculty, staff, and administration. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including the termination of fellowship.

Reporting Violations: If any individual believes that this Personal Conduct Policy has been violated, they are encouraged to report the incident to a faculty member, staff member, or UV Operafest administrator promptly. All reports will be treated with confidentiality and will be investigated thoroughly.

Consequences: Violations of this Personal Conduct Policy may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to warnings, suspension, or the termination of fellowship and withholding of stipend or other compensation, depending on the severity and frequency of the misconduct.

We are committed to upholding the principles of this Personal Conduct Policy to ensure that UV Operafest remains a safe and respectful environment where participants can learn, grow, and thrive. We appreciate the cooperation of all individuals in upholding these standards of conduct.


Applications will be available soon!

Questions? Contact Ambrynn at: ​​​

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